Body Imaging Ordering Guide

This Ordering Guide is meant to assist physicians when ordering a medical imaging exam with Quantum Radiology. The guide includes common indications as well as recommendations for the most appropriate examination.

Patients Come First

Examinations may be further tailored to a patient’s specific condition. When ordering an exam, please include the clinical question/specific condition in question so that the appropriate imaging can be performed.

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Symptom / Concern Exam to Order
Urinary Concerns
Complex renal cyst MRI abdomen with and without contrast
Flank pain, suspect stone Painless hematuria CT stoneprotocol without contrast
Pyelonephritis CT urography with and without contrast None ifuncomplicated; CT abdomen and pelvis with and without contrast if complications arise
Renal mass Renal stone MRI kidneys with and without contrast CT renal mass protocol if cannot do MRI CT abdomen pelvis withoutcontrast
GI Concerns
Abdominal distention CT abdomen pelvis with oral and IV contrast
Abdominal mass CT abdomen pelvis with oral and IV contrast
Abdominal pain CT with oral and IV contrast; include both abdomen and pelvis in most cases, unless very specific symptoms
Flank pain IBD CT abdomen pelvis without contrast CT enterography (requires IV contrast and a special oral contrast given at time ofscan); consider MR enterography in patients with multiple prior exams.
Pancreatitis Initial episode or known disease without complicating factors, typically abdominal US; if severe or complications suspected, CT abdomen with contrast
Suspect cholelithiasis Gallbladder US
Mass Evaluation
Adrenal mass, likely adenoma Abdominal MR without contrast; if neoplasm suspecteda, dd MR with and without contrast Alternative: Adrenal protocol CT with and without IV contrast
Known liver lesion Abdominal MR with and without contrast
Suspect mass,unknown source CT with oral and IV contrast
Women's Imaging
DUB Transvaginal pelvic US
Pelvic floor dysfunction MR defecography
Chest Concerns
Dyspnea, suspect pulmonary
CT chest with contrast, PE protocol
Dyspnea, suspect interstitial lung
High resolution CT chest without contrast
Abnormal chest X-ray, lung finding CT chest without contrast (specify if for pulmonary nodule)
Abnormal chest X- ray, mediastinum
or hilar finding
CT chest with contrast
Follow up pneumoni/apleural
CT chest without contrast
Follow up lung cancer CT chest with contrast

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