It’s no surprise that Computed Tomography has made such remarkable strides in technological advancement in recent years. Sub millimeter slices and sub second acquisitions have enabled highly resolute, isotropic scan data. With advanced hardware and software, we can reconstruct that data into multiple planar views without the loss of resolution. This effectively changes the way we look at things entirely. Advanced 3D post-processing has taken this modality and propelled its use and effectiveness well beyond the axial perspective by creating multiple rendering methods that assist in the diagnostic outcome of the patients we serve.

Q3D was formed in partnership with WellStar Health System to provide the cutting-edge 3D services. Our beginnings came from the design of one of Quantum’s neuroradiologists, Dr. Jay Cinnamon. His unique vision, coupled with relationships among advanced medical 3D innovators and colleagues, led to the creation of our 3D lab in in mid-2004. The goal of the Q3D service is to promote higher levels of depth, quality and insight in the examinations we perform. Q3D is committed to improving patient care and enhancing physician perspective by providing state of the art, comprehensive 3D imaging services that assist in diagnosis and improve clinical outcome.

As medical imaging examinations change and grow, we are poised to accept any new challenges presented to us. If any clinician would like to see new medical imaging initiatives presented through the 3D lab, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will assist in protocol development and design, as well as interfacing with medical imaging management to provide seamless implementation.

Q3D Imaging Processing

Exams that automatically generate a request for 3D imaging processing

CT angiography
CT urography
CT pancreatic protocol
CT liver volume protocol

Exams that require a request on the imaging order form

Musculoskeletal CT
3D volumetric analysis
Dental/facial CT


A summary image dataset labeled “Q3D” is saved as an additional series on the imaging PACS system. This dataset contains various MIP (maximum intensity projection), VR (volume rendered), Multiplanar, and CMPR (curved multiplanar reformatted images) all depicting a reproducible, methodological approach to the exam specific vascular anatomy.

The 3D dataset is then reviewed with the original CT data by one of our sub-specialized radiologists and a dictated report is generated as well as direct communication with the referring doctor if needed.

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